Let It Grow Contest

Contest Opens: September 27, 2016
Contest Closes: March 14, 2017
Winners Announced: April 2017

The second annual Let It Grow Contest invites teachers and community adults to vote daily for a school of their choice to win a grand prize of a $5,000 agricultural grant and an introduction to a local agronomist! In addition, five runners up will win a $1,000 agricultural grant and the chance to receive a celebratory winner event!

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Answer these five questions to enter the contest!



Farmers and gardeners use the 4Rs to make sure fertilizers are used correctly to ensure healthy crops. Which one is not part of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship?


How many essential nutrients do plants need to be healthy?




Approximately what percentage of land on earth is devoted to farming?


Soil testing provides:

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