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You teach your kids about the importance of good nutrition for your family…but do they know the valuable role crop nutrients play in feeding our growing world? Use these fun activities and resources to explore the science of soil and cultivate a new appreciation for the science all around you.

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Dig into the science all around you with these fun activities, videos, and more. Together you can explore the important role agriculture plays in providing nutrition and sustenance to the world and see another great example of how science impacts everything we do.
Testing & Exploring Soils and Nutrients

Does your soil contain the essential elements that plants need to grow? Work with a family member to measure basic soil chemistry of soil in your backyard or garden.

Soil and Human Health

How do farmers across the U.S. participate in sustainable farming and how does that farming affect our family? Learn more about how healthy soil affects everything we grow and everything we eat.

Careers in Soil Science

What do you want to be when you grow up? Would you want to work outdoors? Or would you rather work in a lab? Learn more about what soil scientists do and find out what careers you can have based on what interests you most!

Family Farm Trip

Tractors that run without drivers, cows milked by robots, smartphones irrigating crops at the push of a button? It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. Take your family on a farm trip to see how technology advances are making farms more productive, efficient, and fun!

Grow a Garden Guide

Kids love to get their hands dirty. So why not dig in together and plant a family garden? Vegetable, flower, or butterfly, this guide will help your family learn about the soil near your home and let you reap the benefits of what you sow.

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Career Connection

Spotlight on Agronomy

Today’s agriculture industry is exploding with exciting career options! Meet the people using technology, science and innovative thinking to feed our world and protect our green spaces.

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Digital Explorations

Give students a deeper understanding of core science concepts as they discover the complex world of soils using these unique and engaging digital explorations.

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Looking for even more valuable resources to help teach your students the science of soil? Request free supplemental materials on soil science from the Nutrients for Life Foundation, such as a periodic table poster, review flashcards, and resource manuals. Sign up today for Nutrients For Life Foundation’s educator newsletter to get fun tips and tools to help bring science to life in your classroom

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