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Right Amount of Water
Right Amount of Sun
Right Amount of Nutrients
Healthy Crops to Feed the World

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What are the necessary ingredients for life? Human beings need water, air, food, and sleep, among other things, to thrive. Just like humans, plants have needs that must be fulfilled in just the correct amounts for them to survive. Water, sunlight, air and nutrients all provide plants with what they need to live and grow.


Humans and plants might seem very different, but both are made up of cells that require certain nutrients to prosper. Of the 92 naturally occurring elements on Earth, plants need 17 to be healthy.


Both people and plants can suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Nutritionists often advise people on how to adjust their diet to make sure they receive the right nutrients for their bodies. Similarly, farmers adjust their growing strategies based on the nutrient levels in the environment in which the plants will grow. Let’s explore the different variables that interact to help healthy plants grow.


In the next screen pick a variable to see how it affects a corn plant. Corn plants are grown extensively in the Midwestern United States of America. Be sure to click through all of the hotspots on all three variables to learn about the many effects these variables have on corn.

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